1. Theatre area complete with real aircraft passenger seats – watch a variety of stories, and film about the event from the comfort of a Boeing seat.
  2. Memorabilia of a large variety, with interesting stories about the evening on the runway after the landing.
  3. One of the BMX bikes of the boys on the runway.
  4. Captain Pearson’s donations from his extensive collection of items, awards, letters and editorial cartoons sent to him from around the world.
  5. Full scale Gimli Glider cockpit mockup, on site, with a computer generated simulator of a landing experience to the Gimli Airport.
  6. 3 window panel fuselage section from the actual Gimli Glider. Take your picture through a window of this famous plane.
  7. Tours for school groups, convention groups or other, enquire and we will explain what we have developed for a one of a kind tour of the Exhibit.
  8. The authenticated parts retrieved from the Gimli Glider retired to the Mojave Desert. Parts that played a role in Flight 143 Montreal to Edmonton.

The Gimli Glider Exhibit to Education, Entertain and Enlighten