Ride for Dad, Gimli, Manitoba, May 27, 2017

One of Gimli's popular annual events is to receive the annual Ride for Dad at the Lakeview Resort and Conference Centre in Gimli, Manitoba. The Ride is in support of research for prostate cancer and grows every year.

  • Volunteers prepare for the arrival of 1700 Bikes of the Ride for Dad May 27, 2017, Gimli, Manitoba

This year was a record breaker and there were people who came to just see and look at the bikes on display.  One out of town observer said, "I don't know how I will be able to describe this to others, it is just wonderful to watch and the volunteers are handling it so beautifully".


When a rider with a Sturgis T-Shirt was asked to compare ... he said: "Oh, Gimli is way more fun and such a great day to spend this way".  So there you have it, another part of our Gimli personality ... and reputation for exceptional volunteers.  Many were surprised to see the Gimli Glider Exhibit sign and said it was great that there was finally a place to visit about the famous landing. We look forward to seeing them again.   We are almost there to our open date!

Gimli Glider Exhibit to Entertain, Enlighten and Educate