Gimli Glider Exhibit – News

It was an exciting couple of weeks.  Our donated Ram Air Turbine has arrived and it is a showstopper.  UTC Aerospace Systems have generously donated this important part of the story of the landing of the Gimli Glider.  They have also informed us that it is the only one on display in a Museum in North America.

Understandably, while most aviation enthusiasts and pilots are very aware of this component, most have happily not seen it up close as it only appears when there is an emergency situation.  Now they can view it closely and it has already brought some very surprised reactions. ooohs and awwwws.  We are fortunate, and grateful that UTC wanted to be a part of this Exhibit.

A beautiful 36inch model of 604 has arrived and you will see pilot and Vice President Steve Bannister very carefully unwrapping the large model. (attached photo)  Thank you Chris Blair a Canadian collector and fan of the Gimli Glider story.

More memorabilia has arrived from Captain Pearson and some good chuckles among the items.  These are so interesting it is hard to stop looking at what has arrived and get back to work!

Friday in a high wind afternoon with a storm brewing just to the south of us, volunteers gathered ladders and tools and installed our large metal sign over our entrance way.   Great job guys and we are lucky to have a contingent of many competent workers.  We are getting so close to our soft opening and it feels good to see all the hard work materializing in a positive way.



The Gimli Glider Team appreciates your donations.

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