What our supporters are saying

Chris Dion wrote:

Hello, I was a passenger on the Gimli Glider. Thank you for doing this. I hope you reach your goal and would love to see a museum one day. It’s too bad the plane couldn’t be conserved in her original state, but glad to see you doing what you can. If, and when, you reach your goal, I’d love to be at the grand opening. So please, keep in touch!

Wim van Dijk wrote:

A praiseworthy project, I must say, can do nothing but applaud to initiatives like this. Wish aviation history here on this side of the globe was recognized a little more that way. Not that we have no aviation museums in Europe, don’t get me wrong… talking about initiatives on a local scale.

Alexander Keith Pearson wrote:

Very cool project guys, thank you for doing this. When it opens I will definitely like to be there.
Captain Pearson’s grandson!

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